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We’ll design, develop and manage your site. Our goal is to create something wonderful, satisfying for customers and interesting to every web user.

If you got the design concept we will follow your imagination. If you are looking for inspiration you can count on our ideas and customized tips.

Multiple platforms technology

Did you know that over 50% of all web users now access the Internet from phones or tablets? Because of that,  all our web apps are responsive, which means that they will work and look good when viewed on any device. The needs of mobile users are different than desktop ones. They want information fast and the easiest possible way to contact you. In Surprise.Design we know how to reach their expectations. Contact us now and let us show you what you can earn working with us.

Importance of web design

Often the first contact with the company is through looking at its website. Shouldn’t it be an appearance of the website the key to successful turning clicks into clients? Create the right first impression, engage the visitor and capture their attention – and make them decide to trust your offer. You know what conversion is? It’s desired action your customer performed by marketing message. So get your conversion right by unique, responsive web design.

Responsive design

Responsive Web Sites are web sites that respond to the size of the viewing screen. With the size of phones and tablets changing all the time, this means your website should adjust to the user’s device as needed. If you want to satisfy your customers you have to remember that over half of them look at you through their phones! Even better, you can let us take up this matter.

Complete solution

We provide a complete website design, build and hosting package. Understanding your industry and your business before we start on the creative process is a key part of our working process. Your website is your biggest marketing asset and the centerpiece of effective business. Together we can make it stunning, and impress your visitors.

It's easy to manage!

You can easily handle managing websites designed by us. No tech skills needed. Just intuitiveness and comfort.


We create content customization that suits your customers. Reinforce your user experience by our technical and creative solutions.


Your web app is going to be prepared for all kind of devices your customer could use. Remember that over half of them look at you through their phones!

High quality

Smooth functionality and enjoyable design ensure great, memorable user experience.

High quality

Smooth functionality and enjoyable design ensure great, memorable user experience.

All the days to come

We’ll make sure your website stands out from the rest of the competition for and ongoing support is going to keep you on top.


If you don’t want to worry about safety, then is the best solution for you.

Full support

Increasing conversions, adding new features, working on scalability and reliability – there’s always a way to improve something.

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Together we can find the best solution for you. Don’t take our word for it, check out our client’s opinions and look at some of the sites we have already built.

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